Ski Patrol Computer Aided Dispatch Software

SkiCAD offers Ski Patrol dispatchers an unparalleled suite of software tools that aid in logging, tracking, and managing accidents and incidents on and off the ski hill. A simple, yet comprehensive web based interface empowers dispatchers to take command of any situation.

How It Works
  • Web based - not tied to locations, works on any computer
  • Data - stored on servers and backed up nightly, and monthly for long-term secure, tamper-proof data storage
  • Authentication - every dispatcher/user has an account, every action is time/date stamped so there are no more records with unreadable notes in columns

How a Dispatcher Sees It
  • Centre Screen - Main Console
    The centre monitor, the main working terminal, provides the dispatchers with a radio log, and options to add new calls, as well as a call board to list and organize all the calls.

  • Left Monitor - Hill Status
    The left monitor has an overall at-a-glance look of the hill, aiding dispatchers in quickly identifying assets and incidents.

  • Right Screen - Resources
    The right monitor has a touchscreen resource library including: important phone numbers, satellite imagery, quick dispatch, emergency response guidelines/procedures, and other reference material.

Weather Watch
By integrating SkiCAD with Weather Canada urgent weather updates can trigger onscreen alerts, automatic dispatch of assets or automatic call generation

Reporting is built into the core of the system, not an add on after thought. With a few clicks of the mouse chute times, response times, response statistics, and custom reports are instantly available.
Executive Group Access
Read only access allows executives the ability to monitor in real time ongoing emergencies, thus limiting phone calls to security operations during crisis. Easy integration into your EOC.
Lift Integration
A direct link to the workings of lifts and gondolas provides real-time snapshop of operations on the hill.

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